My home in,
a customized solution.

What's the philosophy behind My home in? Since 2012, My home in has built a local and French alternative to rent an accommodation and organize a stay in France and in some handpicked locations abroad.

At My home in, we wish to help travelers discovering the diversity of our wonderful country, regions and the locations we particularly like all over the world. At my home in, we also like giving simple answers to complicated questions. Why using a foreign website to book a holiday in France? How am I sure that my reservation is made with no risks and disappointments?

A local approach

Common sense drives our actions and decisions. We believe in true relationships. We believe thinking global means thinking local first. As there is nothing better than a website dedicated to the island of Re to book a holiday on the ile de Re, we set simple principles: one destination, one website, one local team. It's based on a personal project consisting in the construction of a family beach villa that the first My home in website was launched in Ile de Re. In 2018, the team was reinforced and My home in decided to put its suitcases down in new holiday destinations

Late 2022, we have launched a "premium" website, aggregating all the charming and high end properties My home in has listed over the past few years - allowing My home in users to easily check availability wherever the properties are without having to go through each of our local websites.

A true service à la française

Proud Frenchs? Yes a little! Pragmatic, for sure. We believe there is nothing better than a "Service à la Française" for whoever wants to discover France, be advised with quality and get the tips no one else will be able to give. Small or large, My home in offers selected properties classified through various collections : classic, charming, contemporary and exceptional. At My home in, quality is the baseline. As a matter of fact, tenants save on time, having a quick understanding of the quality level of the property proposed and its rental budget as well. Owners get more and better visibility for their properties.

A trust environment

Building a trust environment around holiday rentals has been one of My home in main concerns. Being both tenants and owners, we have got great and disappointing holidays experiences. Based on our knowledge, travel and rental experiences, we have placed trust and transparency as first priorities. Be aware that our solution is as efficient as those of the big players in the seasonal rental market, that our quality of service is however more personal, direct and efficient and our guarantees much stronger.

From word of mouth to recommendations, our network of trustworthy tenants, owners and concierges is growing every day. The loyalty of our French and foreign tenants and owners is the best proof of our seriousness and commitment.

Open to the world

Start up companies dream to expand abroad. We have chosen to stay mainly in France to promote the attractiveness of our country to the world. Our English name intends to get worldwide known! After so many years, servicing My home in users in the best possible manner, we are proud to count more than 40% of foreign tenants each year coming from all over the world.

We live in a global world and this will hardly change. When it comes to holiday, let's forget standards, let's forget for a while that few companies are monitoring our life at their benefits, the one of their shareholders and their stock market values. Let's be surprised, let's value knowledge. Owners, concierges, tenants and travelers of any types, if you think global, think local first! When it comes to holiday, let's be inspired, let's be responsible in our choices.

Join us and let's write the rest of this beautiful story together!